Radio Systems

High-quality, reliable radio equipment

MRTC are pleased to offer a wide range of VHF and UHF radio communication systems to suit all customers' requirements and budgets. Using the latest specification of Kenwood digital products, we provide high-quality audio that is robust and reliable in meeting the demands of high-noise environments and large events.  

Our Kenwood digital technology provides low speech latency, and our custom DSP noise filters eliminate engine noise from our car radios, ensuring clarity of communication. By adding a repeater to your system, we can also vastly increase the distance of your communication coverage.

Intercom Desktop & Rack Panels

Advanced Garage & Factory Intercom Systems

MRTC can provide sophisticated garage intercom systems; these are an invaluable asset within the race and event team infrastructure. Our Clearcom server-based systems offer security, flexibility and extremely high audio quality, as well as impressive capacity, allowing teams to connect easily between different systems at the track and their home base. This enables critical intercommunication between different team personnel, with a choice of direct (point-to-point) or one-to-many (group and party-line or conference) connections.

Intercom Beltpacks

Easy-to-use, portable intercom systems

MRTC can offer a variety of multi-channel intercom solutions, either wired or wireless, which offer high-quality audio and low latency. Their lightweight, durable beltpacks make them ideal for outdoor events, or alternatively, they can be bracket mounted to be used in a static desktop capacity. Our intercom systems are expandable from a simple 2-user package to over 3000 users, through the addition of outstations, and we stock a wide range of options to suit all budgets. 

Heavy Duty & Lightweight Headsets

Custom-made, durable equipment

MRTC can provide carbon-finish or bespoke painted heavy duty headsets with unique customer branding. With hundreds of models available, each with different functionality and capabilities, we can successfully meet your specific needs. We also offer lightweight headset solutions which can be worn underneath helmets or used as a more discreet option for marketing applications or organiser systems. 

Earpieces & Helmet Kits

Custom-moulded earpieces & bespoke kits

MRTC provide a wide range of earpieces and helmet kit models that are compatible with our customers' requirements. From the latest custom-moulded full-blocking earpieces to bespoke helmet kits, our expertise and experience will ensure that the specific needs of drivers and the demands of their cars are accurately met. In particular, we have extensive experience in motorsport series that use the Driver ID system, manufacturing helmet kits with ID resistor plugs specifically for this purpose. Many of our support staff are also trained to take ear impressions for custom-moulds and can assist with helmet kit installation, should this be required.


Equipment to enhance your system

We offer an extensive range of accessories to suit all customers’ requirements. From custom-built car wiring looms to adaptors and radio belts, we can advise you on any equipment that you might need to enhance your MRTC radio or intercom package.
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